September 30

September 29: What I look at all day long...

September 28: Feelin crabby

September 27: My new favorite beer!

September 26: Awesome sunset by the river

September 25: Checking out some equipment in an operating room

September 24: Rainy day boots

September 23: Typical lunch...yum

September 22: Random dude plucking strings on the sidewalk...

September 21: Owls owls owls!

September 20

September 19: City Dock in Annapolis

September 18: Catching up at home.  Fruit instead of gelato!

September 17: Flying home over the Swiss Alps!

September 16: Colosseum!

September 15: The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Wow!

September 14: Little blue birdie chillin on the fountain...makes me smile

September 13: Very large foot...

September 12: Piazza del Popolo

September 11: St. Peter's Square

September 10: Ciao Roma!  Trevi Fountain- one of my favorite spots in Rome!

September 9: My 59 little yellow duckings at the airport before we boarded to Zurich

September 8: En route to NYC from Baltimore

September 7

September 6

September 5

September 4

September 3

September 2

September 1

August 31: Have you ever seen a lion with a puka shell necklace before?  Meet Hawaiian Lion.

August 30

August 29: The Annapolis 10 Miler

August 28

August 27

August 26

August 25

August 24

August 23

August 22

August 21: I'm an Aunt! Owen Jacob, born on 8/20/10.

August 20: Central Pennsylvania

August 19

August 18

August 17

August 16: Funny bumper sticker I spotted...

August 15: A beautiful Sunday afternoon!

August 14: Kelly- this one's for you.  omg.

August 13: My living room is covered in little birdies!

August 12:  I want a blue door

August 11:  Attempting to be Betty Crocker...intended to be S'mores cupcakes, not sure exactly what they turned out to be...

August 10:  Good ol' iPhone pic...I didn't know they still made this!

August 9:  I love this bright house with their bright flowers...

August 8:  Random couple on the dock.